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The only clear stream in the industry, dedicated to preventing fraudulent online casinos. We provide the most comprehensive online casino reviews and recommend them to all players.

How do we evaluate online casinos?

There are as many opinions on how to evaluate online casinos as there are people. At JuAri, we are committed to providing players with the most comprehensive information through our thorough review process. We also offer a guarantee program for online casinos that have been certified by JuAri. If a player falls victim to fraud on the black market due to our online casino reviews, they can seek assistance from JuAri customer service.

Online reputation

Online reputation

Real-time collection of all subjective and objective evaluations on the Internet, and filtering out maliciously negative comments based on professional experience.

Online Casino Withdrawal

Conducting real tests to evaluate the overall service quality, withdrawal speed, and payout reliability.



Evaluate the value of each promotion based on its cost-effectiveness in comparison to all other online casino promotional offers.


Number of Members

Avoiding the situation where withdrawals are processed promptly when the number of members is low but delayed when the number of members increases is a crucial aspect of our rating system.

The certified online casino's security deposit

After conducting field tests through JuAri, an online casino operator can negotiate the payment of a deposit to JuAri upon joining the platform’s assurance program. This enables players to trust the platform’s authenticity more easily and provides them with a certain level of protection.

If a player encounters non-payment or fraudulent activity on an online casino that has been certified by JuAri, JuAri will refund the player’s losses from the deposit and cancel the platform’s certification on JuAri to ensure that players can obtain the best and most accurate first-hand information on the website.

Certified online casino :

JuAri's online casino rating process

Recently, online gambling platforms are usually advertised through various channels, such as advertisements, Facebook messages, and Google searches, making it difficult for players to know the platforms’ ratings. The best they can do is to search online for information, but much of the information found online is often inaccurate.

In fact, evaluating an online casino requires a long testing process. Many new online casinos may only provide reliable services in the initial stages of operation. As the number of members increases in the middle and later stages, the quality of service and payment conditions may decline.

Therefore, even JuAri-certified online casinos may provide inappropriate services in the future. However, we recommend that players choose JuAri-certified online casinos because we provide certain guarantees to players. We review platforms from a neutral standpoint, without any bias towards any particular brand, which increases credibility for players.

Why we need to create an online casino rating website?

As experienced players, we understand the plight of beginners who are unsure of how to choose a reliable online casino. We have also heard numerous accounts of people falling victim to fraudulent online casinos, and JuAri was not immune to such experiences when we were still novices ourselves. Therefore, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive ratings and reviews, so that all players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience and reputable online casinos can attract a stable customer base. This is a win-win situation that exposes all unscrupulous online casinos to players and ultimately leads to the long-term eradication of the dark web.

Online casino certification methods:


JuAri collects the latest online casinos


JuAri personally tests various services


Providing online casino ratings


JuAri negotiates with online casinos whether to pay a deposit or not


Join JuAri Guarantee Program

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